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Big L is my favorite rapper of all time. He got killed quite a few years ago now but I think heís amazing and he kind of inspires me like his style inspires me. I donít think thereís been anyone better since. I mean, Biggie Smalls is definitely on the top of the list but Big L is like the underdog, I like to give him the edge.
- Andy Milonakis Quote (BuddyTV, June 2007)

For one I get to be as dirty as I want. I'm going to do a lot of weird stuff that's not going to be like me prancing around like an insane 12-year-old. I showed everybody that side of me and I think it's time to do different stuff, even when it comes down to the type of humor. I want to do some drier, weirder stuff. And definitely, there's a side that I want to do just like really retarded arty films ... like parody, pretentious art films that kind of are supposed to have some deep meaning. 
- Andy Milonakis Quote (EW, about MyDamnChannel)

Oh yeah. Itís a....we donít really write any dialogues, the whole showís kind ofÖwe write down beats of whatís gonna happen in the sketch but once in a while when we do a commercial parody weíll write dialogues but as far as a regular sketch, we donít really write that out. To me it needs to be improvised just for it to be funny just cause itís likeÖitís such a home made feeling show. You donít wanna seem like youíre delivering lines. We give lines to the people we cast off the streets cause we donít hire actors, we donít hire people who do these stuff. We just hire real people off the street. So sometimes they improvise, sometimes we write lines for them.
- Andy Milonakis Quote  (BuddyTV, June 2007)

Yeah so all the fans out there are disappointed that you kinda hear some PG-13 stuff. I have a MySpace account, itís myspace.com/andymilonakis and I have plenty of really offensive dirty songs but I donít really like to tone down my rap so go listen to the dirty stuff if youíre old enough or if youíre thirteen and youíre a bad ass.
- Andy Milonakis Quote  (BuddyTV, June 2007)

Yes ma'am. I have about 12 songs already, but I can only use like four or five of them because a lot of the ones I did like a year ago I don't think are good now. I'm going to keep working. [I'm working with] my boy Stu Stone, and Justin Trugman is doing a lot of the beats for it. He [Trugman] is a real hip-hop producer. He's worked with a bunch of real artists. So it's good to get real people involved with my wacky bulls--- antics. It's just cool because I don't want to make a gimmicky comedy CD. I want to make a real hip-hop CD that happens to be funny. 
- Andy Milonakis Quote  (EW, about music career)

Your face makes my soul want to eat chocolate pudding!
- Andy Milonakis Quote

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Occupation: Comedian
Date of Birth: January 30, 1976
Nationality: American

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