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Q: Why did it implode?
A: Sex and drunks and junk. Tick off the list: heroin, band members having relationships...You don't trust the person next to you. I'm on the bus. I send an email to somebody and I throw my BlackBerry in my little day bag. The next day, my ex-girlfriend calls me screaming. Somebody in the group went into my BlackBerry and forwarded her an email that another girl sends me. I mean, that's the kind of stuff we were dealing with.
Billy Corgan

"Pretty much everything that he said has been exaggerated and blown out of proportion,"
David Pajo (in regards to Corgan's accusations)

"I believe that we were a really good team. I am moving on and onward. I hope that our paths will meet again in peace."
Paz Lenchantin

"The music wasn't the big problem, it was more their attitude...Sex acts between band members in public. People carrying drugs across borders. Pajo sleeping with the producer's girlfriend while we were making the record."
Billy Corgan

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