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In 2001 ther were only 3 guys in the band.Flo and Ben join the crew of the band in January 2002, and 11 news songs were born in this marriage. So we recorded "one on six" at Bud records Studio in Bordeaux in February 2003 and the disc was released in september 2003.Since that, we have oppurtunities to play in many shows,festivals and others contests . Now we are working on new materials. I must tell you honestly , by experience , it's cool!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what I mean ?! 

Love , earth, hate, god (ma non troppo!),sex, drugs and basketball. It's a twelve track album with a very dark evol intro, blastbeats, moshparts, noise, scream, growls, funk (ma non troppo di pił) and a GREAT cover! 

But we are influence by good death metal not only U.S metal !! For me the best scene is in Canada (Cryptopsy , Gorguts and Neuraxis and Ion dissonance )! But it's a personnal point of view .Good death metal it's all around the world that's why I like death/grind/hardcore/etc ;Because they're are no frontier in this music !!!!!!!!! 

Because we are drunk !! so we fight !! so we make peace !! Then we tell our life in our song!! Also brutal music make mushing the audience and I thing a mushpit is most beautfull thing in the world , I mush since I'm 12 years old ,Yeah !! 

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