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Eli Miller, lead vocalist and guitarist of Zox, has been writing songs since he first picked up the guitar at age 14. In college, he formed the band Zox with drummer John Zox. After several lineup changes, the now complete Zox roster includes Spencer Swain on the electric violin and Dan Edinberg on bass.

Zox is now a full-time touring act, and we hope to keep in this way and grow more!

Yes- there really is no telling to how far a band can go with internet promotion. It's an incredibly useful tool for reaching people outside of a band's base area. People as far as South Korea have purchased merchandise from www.zoxband.com!

The existence of an indie scene is indispensable to pop culture. What is "pop" can very well be what was "indie" a few years before. Yet at the same time, believe it or not, the "indie" borrows from the "pop." It's a continual dialogue. But I suspect that the indie makes the real spike in creativy, because there is far less of a "let's create something to sound like this" as opposed to a "let's creat something."

The Police, The Cure, Paul Simon, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, J.S. Bach
(speaking on influences)

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