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After being done with Mallard (Rollo's post-Beefheart project), and again getting no money - typical rip-offs and stupidity on my part - I just quit and moved to Oregon. I began teaching myself classical guitar and working on theory in music for seven or eight years. 

But since Mallard and the Magic Band, Iíve been a free player for many years, so that's not unnatural to me. I'm used to being a studio musician when somebody says we need this, we need that, and I plug in and play. And I've been teaching for the past 20-odd years. I've learnt so many different styles, pop songs. Iím used to being an actor and trying to fit in.

Just growing up in Southern California, just north of LA. I was playing surf music before that, and in 1964, after I'd been playing a year, I heard Wolfman Jack on KXERB playing Howlin' Wolf, BB King, everything from slick city blues to some real rural country blues. Those things started becoming a big deal to me. Then the Beefheart band started playing around town covering those songs. The Beatles only lasted a few months for me: I was right into blues.

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