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The band was formed in the beginning of the 21st century by our vocalist and guitarist Simon Berglund. From the beginning we were called SEAL PRECIOUS for some unknown reason. Shortly after the band was formed i joined on the guitar. At this moment, all members in the band were 15 years old. That means we have been playing together for quite a while now. I think it was about one year after i joined that we changed name to ZONARIA. At this point we also had some member changes. Our latest line-up change was when Jerry Ekman joined on the bass about six months ago. 

Personally I'm not involved in any other serious projects. I don't think any one else in the band is eather. We want to put all focus on ZONARIA, to make sure that everything gets done well.

The metal scene keeps getting better for every year. But as time goes, loads of crap bands are formed that only copy other artists and bands. Some of the copycat bands do it well, but too many have not got what it takes. I like when bands take the genre one step further, kind of what Darkane, Hypocrisy and Scar Symmetry have done with the melodic death metal scene. Even though there are other bands that are quite similar, they have their own sound and own style - which i like. Even though most of my favourite bands are swedish, there are some really good international bands as well. Finland has some really great death- and power metal bands. The italians have a great power metal scene as well.

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