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The Zodiac Killers Quotes

Well, me personally, I was born and raised here so. Like in Seattle, it
was the Green River killer that was never caught. It's a fascinating story,
and then a few years ago the book came out and I read it and was like woah
this is incredible, Because I didn't really know anything about it. Kids
would say stupid things When i was younger like the Zodiac's gonna get
ya...bull shit like that. We didn't know what it was when we were kids cause
we were just way too young.
Greg Lowery

I just happened to meet Greg at this restaurant. I was wearing this Mummies t-shirt, and he goes "you like the
Mummies, you might like my band." And I was like "what's your band?" He says
"You know, Supercharger, Rip Offs" I told him Nah, never heard of it. He
asked me if I'd like to play guitar, so i gave it a shot. I thought maybe
playing in a band with Greg might catapult me into punk rock nothingness.
Jeremy Tulman

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