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We love being on the road. That is what Zeromancer is all about. We’ve done a lot of touring in European. Four of us are from Norway and we’ve always had this dream about coming to the States and touring the country, so we’re kind of living the dream right now.
Kim Ljung (bass)

I travel a lot all over the world and still L.A. is my favorite city. There is so much I like about it. I just like being there in general. It’s like home for me. I like it because there are so many small cities and you have to choose your own city. I also like the climate. There’s a lot of bullshit going on and there are a lot of cheesy, flaky people, but I like it. Coming from Europe I can see right through it. 
Kim Ljung (bass)

It was kind of a desperate move. I played bass in Seigman, with Alex and Noralf (drummer). We were all in Seigman, which split up in 1999. It was a sad thing to do because we weren’t ready for it. The band had been really successful back in Norway. We split up because we had a pact with each other that if one of us were every to leave the band we would all quit. So, that is what happened and we weren’t quite ready for it. We kind of ran away from it and moved to Portland, Oregon then we ended up in Los Angeles because we had to get away from Norway. We live to play music, but we had to get away to start something new and we wanted to do something different. Then we hooked up with Chris and here we are. 
Kim Ljung (bass)

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