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I actually started ZDF in the middle of 1999, with another guitarist…but after about a year and a half of lineup problems, (we had about 3 different drummers in less than 2 years) he eventually quit the band. From there, I decided rather than waste more time and energy on trying to secure a band line up, to simply throw out all the old material and write and record an album as a solo project…that was up until about this time last year, when I got the live band together.
Simon Frech

I’m actually half Swedish and Half German, so maybe genes had something to do with that? 
But seriously, my 3 biggest influences, musically, would have to be Devin Townsend, Iron Maiden and In Flames.
Simon Frech

Unfortunately, because of Tasmania’s isolation from the rest of Australia, I don’t get the opportunity to see as many mainland Australian bands as I would like to, but thankfully, there are quite a few excellent metal bands in Tassie, like Intense Hammer Rage, Psycroptic and Nosce Teipsum (to name but a few). 
Simon Frech

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