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Everything is very positive until now. Most of the journalists seem to like it very much, some just didn't listen to it, because we are Zeraphine and make dark music… Anyway, I think it's definitely the very best album we've ever made, it sounds much fresher, more progressive and more powerful than everything we've done before. We actually played 2 songs live on a festival tour this April. And the audience really loved them. So I'm really very satisfied and I'm looking forward to get the reaction from our fans.
Sven Friedrich

My part in Zeraphine is like continuing my musical life in another family. But it's really a different band, a different feeling. And, compared to the end of DS it's way better. I mean we are 2 Ex- DS in the band and 3 others who didn't have anything to do with DS. And we all together create this sound, create these songs. But for me personally it's continuing my musical life. 
Sven Friedrich

We always do cover versions in our live set. It has become a kind of tradition. On every tour we perform a new cover version. We don't have any plans to record one of them so far. But who knows. We like cover versions and to work on songs that were written by someone else…
Sven Friedrich

As I mentioned before we've had problems with our guitarists. Especially during the recordings for 'Buried again'. Frank ended up on Heroine and he kind of collapsed these days. It's a real sad story, because he was my friend and you feel so disarmed and empty, because you can't really help. Stefan left the band a short time later, so we were out of guitarists while we were recording the album. It was me and a friend playing the guitars on the album. Stefan is still mentioned on the album, 'coz it was not really clear if he would return or not…
Sven Friedrich

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