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“Abstrakt Fusion” started out six years ago as an instrumental in a band called Torch, whose members were FUnCK DA BASS & myself. It was called “Whooshka” and was just beats, a bassline and a couple of bleeps. It changed drastically when we plucked it from the Torch archives and tweaked the track into a song to suit Manta Ray’s voice. It’s been a mainstay in Zephyr Timbre ever since. 
Porl DeVille 

It would be difficult to choose between Quench & Itch-E & Scratch-E for examples of inspirational early Australian dance music. However, INXS & Pseudo Echo first tuned me in to the sound of our country.
Porl DeVille

“Porl de Ville does the sequencing, percussion,” 
Manta Ray

Sometimes I zone out because I get scared. At the Boiler Room, when we did the Big Day Out in 2002, I think I wasn’t conscious for a couple of songs – I was so scared and nervous,” 
Sam "Manta Ray"

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