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You know, I wrote for a couple years for it, and I tried out a couple different styles that I liked and picked my favorite ones. With That Dog, for example, I would write specifically for the band; I would write harmonies with a person in mind or a guitar part or a bass partówhatever I did, it was made for us. With this, I didnít have to do that anymore. So itís kind of all over the place. I didnít worry about whether I was going to be playing piano or guitar. I didnít worry about any of it.
Anna Waronker 

I love them all. Producing, I love, but I get a little bit impatient. I like to record really fast and get the vibe, and youíve got to be in tune enough to get through it. With recording, I love, love, love making records. I hate, hate, hate mixing. You wanna see my cry? Go to one of our mixing sessions. As far as performing goes, I love it but itís so stressful: What if I get sick and canít sing? What if I canít carry my shit? What if my strings break? All that stuff is not a big deal, except in the moment itís like, ďaaahhh!Ē
Anna Waronker 

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