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Zeenon have been in existence since 1995. Everything started in 1994 when Nina (earlier bass player) and Linn formed a band called Spooky Balloons. Couple of months (and band members) later finally Linda came along and Zeenon became a reality. We made a settlement that we were going to make the band as extreme in metal as we could… Elin replaced our deceased bass player in May 2002, and the latest change in the line of band members came with Mads who was recruited last year in June to play the drums.

We continuously write songs. The songs on the EP were our newest productions. We just finished song no. 1 on the EP “Superior Control System” before we entered studio in September last year. The EP was recorded within a period of 4 months.

Arbor Vitae is the gray and white nerve tissues in the cerebellum (the lesser brain), formed as a tree when seen from a vertical angle. The title isn't meant to be just grotesque. It's a mixture of that Linn has continued her higher education and what the word really mean. You see, translated this would come out as the tree of life. We feel that Zeenon can be compared to a tree in its growth and development . Nice `ha? 

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