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We started with "The Spell From Over Yonder", during singing I looked at the three others and had the feeling to watch three questionmarks! As the song had been finished, Jimmy looked at me and asked what this is, why i didnīt tell him, that I can sing! Hm, I donīt know! I think everything needs its time. So Jimmy and me started writing songs for the album "Invisible Guide". Let me tell you that I love it to write lyrics and especially with lots of mystic and fantasy! Even in the past I loved it to dive into the twilight zone.
Yvonne Durand

From the beginning ZED YAGO had been a band standing on their own, we never tried to swim with any others, we always wanted to be ourselfs! Like our mentality, a bit slower and heavier,we created a new style of music, "Dramatic Rock". 
Jimmy Durand

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