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Well, the bounce music artists is all the same so I tried to change what I'm doing to show something different. Cuz you know New York artists take a south beat and flow they way and have people bouncin but also hearing exactly what they saying as opposed to us in the south it be different cuz it's speeded up. But I got "Cadillac Doors" on there- that's for the ladies. "Walk it Talk it" - that's a riding song. "I tried to tell ya"- that's for my n*ggas in jail.

It's a whole reconnection thing, to get back around my people, my family. They asked me who I wanted to work with; I (was) trying to work with the dog, so they brought me to the R. Now the Surface is Full. I had Dark Society, and linked up with that; I've got the "DS" on my neck, and the "R" on my wrist. I told my man Vigil, I gotta meet with Dog. When I'm comin' home, I'm hearin' ‘em sayin "where my dogs at," so I had to go there and get with the people.

My music, even though it might be a club song or what not, it's basically giving them a picture and something to think about. Everybody name got something to do with a whole lot. I choose to break it down and let people know that the mind that I've got, is to see where they're heads at. When they come around to that, they're like "oh, that boy knows what he's talking about." And that's definitely (what I try to do) as far as making music, and bringing a message across to the people.

Actually, I've got to sit down and see the format of all the producers' names and all the features. I've done so many different songs, and right now, I'm just down to really looking at the album to actually see what songs is on the album, who's featured. They're telling me that (the track) "Me, Myself and I" didn't make the album, and it should. See when you say "Me, Myself and I," that's like third person. That's like three people, trying to put something in peoples' mind, but it's only one person. Bink did that track right there. (And as to why I named it) I'm from the Dirty, and I'm thirsty for the game, I've been chasing it since a small pup.

Drama was going to be on there, you know we're both from Atlanta and what not. But in my mind I figured, if they're gonna put Drama on there, I've gotta bring ‘em the drama. I did what I did on there, and said what I said. But at the same time, that's like an old version of "Tear It Up," because there it is again: East cost, West coast, Midwest, South. It's like the same format, but different personalities.

I basically wanna lock in on the cities that's playing me the most so I can hit them. I'm performing where I'm getting the most BDS spins! The whole south region, Cali, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Detroit, Chicago, Maine, Milwaukee, Arkansas, Little Rock, and New York.

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