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See, because I played behind the scenes so much I already knew what to expect. So I started getting myself ready. I was creating work for myself to do. People were telling me to take a rest and saying ďdamn, you already acting like you going on MTV or something.Ē In my mind I was because I knew it was what Iíd have to do in the near future.

I was writing. I was trying to freestyle. That is when cats were break-dancing and it was crazy. You had to do whatever you could do to get into that movement. We were wearing Chuck Taylorís and wearing jogging suits so any time a movement had to do with hip-hop I was trying to find it out. I loved it. I realized I could do that shit.

Some people donít do well under pressure while others do better. Iím one of those people. In the eleventh or twelfth hour Iím going to do better. It varies from situation to situation. Same shit, different toilet.

Itís emotion. When you are watching a movie you see a woman sitting with her daughter and looking in her eyes and you see butterflies flying in the background and then you suddenly hear scary movie music and it changes the whole thing. But if something sounds different it changes the movie. Music is the back drop of what you talk about.

Everyday I wake up Iím fulfilling my dream. Every day my manager calls Iím fulfilling my dream. I know if my manager doesnít call Iím not making money so when he does call I know Iím making money.

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