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Actually, um, I wish radio would have been tied into it more. Um,
but that's some questions we're asking the record company Monday.
I mean, we just did a whole 20-city tour with no radio brought into it.
So there are definitely some questions about that.

The only thing that was crazy was that they tied in a lot of morning
shows in like every city we went to. Like 5 o'clock morning shows...

I, ah, want to make sure that the album is tight. And I want to
finish my script I'm writing.

Oh yeah yeah yeah, that's another goal for the summer. We're going
to all, all 3 of us, learn a song on aucustic guitars, where we set
down aucustically and play.. By next album, this is the thing,
by next album, we're going to show people that #1, we can sit up there
and dance and entertain you and that we can set down and do a
number unplugged. Like BAM. What do you want to hear.

BBMak is cool, you know what I'm saying. But it's a rivalry with the
record compay signing a group just like us. It's a doggy-dog
business. But they have questions to answer, that we're asking them.
M-It's gettin' kind of rough. There are girls online who get all mad
when you say you like both Youngstown and BBMak. They say "You can't
like both!" It's just like the whole Backstreet Boys-N Sync thing.

Naw the Pacers are dope! Don't get me wrong, cuz Reggie, is, he's
unstoppable, he's so bad! He's one of the dopest players. But see, LA's
got so much talent.

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