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"It’s easy when you have lots of television and lots of appearances on the schedule anyway. The more television you do, the more visible you are and the more people want to see you. It’s almost amazing that it’s been four years since we’ve had an actual album out,"

"They are big shoes to fill but I had great people like Tramaine Hawkins and Shirley Caesar who were right there for me just like I’m there for folks like Mary Mary, Trin-I-Tee 5:7, Ramiyah, and Damita Haddon,"

"We realized that all of this was necessary when television became very vital for us back in 1991 when we did The Jay Leno Show,"

"Secular companies have more money allocated for television, marketing, publicity, promotion, and everything. It’s not to say anything against the gospel record labels. Usually, gospel record labels have to allocate money between the 20 to 30 artists on their roster. Of course, I have the liberty of only having one sister on our label, which is Karen Clark-Sheard. She and I get a chance to split the money in half, which is real cool. As opposed to 30 ways, we split it two ways. She and I have both said what great record companies we have. It’s just amazing. Most of the time you have a staff of many people in those divisions that take care of everything instead of one person being over publicity and promotions. You have a staff of anywhere from 10 to maybe 200 people. Of course, that makes a difference."

"I am one of those people that believes that if I am going through something, somebody else out there among those billions of people living on this Earth is going through something similar, if not the same thing,"

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