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Yoko Shimomura Quotes

I started learning the piano at the age of 4 or 5, so I think I already liked music then.
Yoko Shimomura

I’ve been playing videogames since before my career in this business, but what happened is several videogame companies were recruiting students back then and I applied with barely any hope of getting accepted to any of the companies. However, I got accepted! Although my path was already set to become a piano instructor, I chose the path of videogames instead. My parents cried, my friends were worried and my teacher was stunned (we’re talking about way back when game music wasn’t as popular as it is these days).
Yoko Shimomura

There isn’t one thing in particular; rather, a lot of different things give me inspiration. I tend to come up with tunes when I do things that are not part of my daily routine, like traveling. But even during my everyday life, I come up with tunes when I’m emotionally moved. By looking at a beautiful picture, scenery, tasting something delicious, scents that bring back memories, happy and sad things… Anything that moves my emotion gives me inspiration.
Yoko Shimomura

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