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Coz basically "Kill 100", the title is based on a Chinese saying, that if you kill one person, you kill one hundred.

It's part of the process, everyone just kind of does their thing, and you don't really specifically have a role. On certain tracks you can have a role, but it's more a track by track or even a day by day basis, where one day someone will take the lead almost and the other two will kind of follow along, going "how about this?", it's just kind of organic.

It's funny really because he came in and I mean, this guy, he's like a little showman. We had this minimal backing track that we'd kind of quickly knocked together, and he's come in the studio, gone in the DJ booth, right, and completely off the top of his head, no lyrics written, did "Kill 100". Just a couple of little edits on certain things but, he did it in the booth, and we went, "..wha, what was that you just sung?", and he was just, "Oh, I did that off the top of my head.."

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