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Xasthur (US) Quotes

I don't think my participation in Twilight will continue. I gave playing live with Sunn O))) a chance, I got a different feeling from it that I liked for a while but now itís over, I could not get along with those guys on many levels. There's a possibility with working with Mord again in the future. From the beginning, I never liked the idea of working with others but gave it a chance and only enjoyed it temporarily and now I am returning to the beginning. I know for sure that I'll never be a "member" of any other band or project but I do keep the door open when it comes to adding vocals, keys whatever to certain projects that I admire and respect.

I blame greed, money, the internet and I blame those who shoved this kind of music down people's throat, so few people have truly discovered this music on their own and no one has the guts to remove much of the internet from black metal either. Before the movie industry caught on to Lords of Chaos, many record labels already did, so it gets ruined and exploited like any other sub-genre or sub-culture, it all became everything it was never supposed to be. I leave that all behind and play this music my way. I lost friends because of black metal and playing it, even though when I look back I don't care so much, I made lifestyle sacrifices and it makes me sick to see people now using it as something "cool" that they're "into" to find some sort of belonging, there's nothing cool about it, it's something personal for some and not something to flaunt for the many others... 

It is a composite of Xastur, a demoness that kills people in their sleep, from the Necronomicon paperback and Xenaoth, a higher celestial spirit from the Santeria religion. An original idea for the name was Xasthuriath, but was then shortened to Xasthur on the release of the now destroyed rehearsal tape in 1997.

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