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The band is now 3 years old. First Vincent(kboards) and Manu(dr) created the group. Few weeks later, Mat(bass) joined us. The last member of the band, Antoine(gtr)joined for 18 months ago.

It is difficult to talk about influences because it is not our purpose in music to play what we used to listen to. More than this, we listen to many different musics. It is real that Vincent, Mat and I, are very attracting by progressive rock in general. Bands like ARENA, RUSH or YES are very impressives despite the difference between them. But we also listen to others musics. Progressive has in store several different sensations and I think it is pretty complete. On my side, I listen to this music for 15 years and I feel attract to it. On the other hand, Antoine(gtr) listen to rap, black metal and minimalist music!

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