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Our plan is not to be different from anybody else, just to make music, and if some other people think it's different, then that's their opinion.
Chris Ginn

I think we are just starting to find out where we fit in. Just doing different tours with different bands and getting different reactions from fans of other bands. Like, for instance, on this Mae tour, we've seen a really good reaction from the Mae fans. So, um, I dunno, I think we're still finding out.
Ross Taylor

I wish the story was like a little more spectacular, but our label put out the soundtrack. It was just a good way for the label to introduce us in a mild way. We have gotten a reaction, but it's not huge. It was just a nice nod from the label.
Ross Taylor

I play guitar. I like long walks on the beach. Um, I dunno. I kind of met these guys about ten months ago through mutual friends and just kind of got taken on as the new member. I really don't have too much to say I guess.

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