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The band was formed by Marcus (drums) and myself back in the summer of '95. At first it was actually a side-project since we both had other bands that we played in but pretty soon it turned out to be our main-priority.
Stefan Zell

I actually agree with you. Since we started out as a side-project we didn't think much about the name, plus back then we actually played some sort of death-metal so the name was definitely a much better fit then. Over the years the band developed but we never thought it would be a good thing to change our name since we had actually built up at least a small fan base. When we released Fervent Dream in '99 it was definitely too late... So now we just have to live with it I guess, ha, ha! On the other hand, what does "Queensr˙che" really say about their music if you think about it...?
Stefan Zell

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