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Many friends and fans are very concerned as they are one of the few voices left to tell the story of Ireland, and one of the last of the great ballad groups of the 60ís boom. They were, and still are, very important to Ireland and to the Irish communities across the world. They brought a little bit of Ireland into their lives and their songs concerning Ireland and Irish emigration - Music they could relate to and songs that told their story. There was many an emigrant whose life was lifted by a show in the National in Kilburn, in Birmingham, or at the Archway in London. They could sing proudly of their country without looking over their shoulder. Sing the Irish National anthem and stand proud without fear. They amassed legions of fans across Britain not only among the Irish Diaspora but with the second and third generation, who enjoyed listening to songs and stories of their history and heritage. The Wolfe Tones are legends in their own lifetime.
Brian Warfield

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