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The Witch Hazel Sound Quotes

Well, the beginnigs of witch hazel go back to the early 1990's when i first got a guitar. i was 21, a very late starter for music, though i had had some piano lessons when i was a young child. i had tried my hand at other art forms throughout my school years, such as drawing, painting and writing short stories and poetry. and while i was somewhat successful at these, winnign some awards for my artwork and poetry and even selling a couple of paintings, i was never good enough in those fields - in my mind - to make a real life from them. so i was searching for my artisitc voice, and happen to buy and old electric guitar at a thrift store and began to learn to play. i only wanted to learn some chords so i could write songs. and after a couple years and while at college i met mike, who played guitar and bass and we became friends and we joined a band that was sort of like a joy division mixed with spaceman 3 type of band. that lasted about a year and then mike and quit and we put up a flyer in kent to find a singer and a drummer. we never got any response until like 6 months after we first put up the flyer but finally a drummer named brian called up and said his friend mark was a singer and that they were both into the stone roses ride, mbv, etc. that we were into at that time. which was good news!. We all clicked very well musically right away, though it took us a couple of years to find our true voice. a that point brian the drummer had left and mike had left for a short time as well but came back just before we releasd our first single as witch hazel. and then that single got a great response and that led us down the road to where we find ourselves now...
Kevin Coral

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