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Well the arrangements are done in the classic way, we take bits and pieces and riffs and whatever we got musically going on and just sit down in a room with four or five people and turn it into songs. Itís not overly rehearsed at all. Itís funny that you say it sounds ďtightĒ and everything because itís actually extremely loose. Thereís not many takes in the studio or anything; it was all done at once. But thatís the thing with it, you donít have to sit and nitpick as much. We do like two guitars bass and drums at once, you can hear what you get away with. Even where there are, at times me or somebody else knows or did make a mistake. If you canít really hear it, well then just leave it in the take of the song. You can conserve the energy; but if itís a major mistake you can punch it in.
Sharlee D'Angelo

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