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Well, it all started when I got my first guitar at age 10. First, I started off by playing the piano, but after hearing all those cool riffs from Deep Purple and other bands like Bon Jovi and Kiss I just wanted to shred instead. I asked my parents if I could get a guitar, and later on, we went out to buy one. I loved that guitar so darn much. It was a Yamaha, X- blablabla -Something... and the funny thing was that it had a scalloped fret board. Go figure... I mean, since I later on at age 16 watched a video with Yngwie Malmsteen I was so amazed by his playing and style so I went back to the scalloped fret board again, and knowing how to play on one, as I really learned my first riffs on one, it was all natural for me . 
Lars Thorbjorn Englund

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