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When we ask people what their favourite record is we hope it is the most recent one each time. The experience is so fresh. I enjoy playing the material live and I loved the making of it. They are all very long experiences. We average about a year and a half making a record now and we are very happy with it.
John Stirratt

It is interesting to talk about track order because as soon as a band gets on stage everything is juggled. 'Handshake Drugs' is the opener for the live act.
Paul Cashmere

I'm sure it affected his personality but it is so easy to function with pill addiction. It didn't affect him all that much. He was still very functional. He was just doing a lot of damage to his body more than anything. Jeff has wrestled with depression and the intention was to make himself feel better. That is the hard thing with pills. You try to get to a place where you feel better. It is addiction all the same.
John Stirratt

It is wonderful. Pat and I are both film buffs so we have a lot of history of listening to soundtracks so it is a wonderful way to work. We are working with different mediums other than music. You have to respond to cues. It is really creative.
John Stirratt (on writing for films)

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