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When I started playing the clarinet in the school band at ten, I quite soon began to improvise for myself – playing around with melodies and creating my own versions of the parts (to the conductor’s big irritation I guess). When I switched to the sax, I started listening to my parents’ Stan Getz bossa LPs... 
Håkon Kornstad

Oslo is a small city, and everyone on the music scene practically know each other. In larger cities like London, Paris or New York, the different music scenes become more isolated, making them less visible to each other.
Håkon Kornstad

Wetle, Per and Håkon met at the conservatory in Trondheim; special jazz studies. We agreed on what contemporary jazz should sound like. This was in 1996, and we’d been listening to people like Tricky, Goldie and Björk, and wanted to make jazz inspired by the new club music thing – jungle, trip hop and drum’n’bass. We first formed Triangle, an acoustic trio that played groovy jazz. For our first concert, we made posters saying ‘new direction in jazz’ and hang them all over campus. We really thought we’d reinvented jazz at that time. Soon we asked fellow students Live Maria (singer) and Erlend (rhodes/synth) to join us, and then Wibutee was formed. We got signed on Jazzland Recordings when Nils Petter Molvær heard us at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen and told Bugge about us. Newborn Thing was recorded in December 1998.
Håkon Kornstad

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