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The Weepies Quotes

“Once we’re on the road for two days, we’re at a level of exhaustion that remains throughout the tour. In that state of permanent, slightly irritated exhaustion, I cannot handle the radio at all. Steve would like to flip from station to station to station. As compatible as we are in every other way, that’s the one place where we differ.”
Deb Talan

“(Our name) The Weepies came from wanting to make music that reaches people in that feelingful place where tears come from … for joy or sorrow … but that intensity of feeling is why we’re drawn to music.”
Deb Talan

“We feel so crazy lucky to be able to make a living at playing music and writing music. Touring is really draining and difficult in a lot of ways … (but) we feel so lucky every day ... having support for this album out in the world.”
Deb Talan

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