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When The Murderdolls started it was a really cool thing, especially for me because I had never done anything on that scale before. Even for our drummer and bass player it was their first really big band.

In itself, I spent a year writing, you know all these different songs and when it came to recording the record, I just pulled out all the tracks I liked the most.

We always knew that it would eventually come to an end when Joey returned to Slipknot. So at the end of 2003, we had one more European tour run at the end of spring and during that time I just started writing songs about everything and anything.

I just wanted to do my own thing after The Murderdolls. The Murderdolls were so spread out all across the US that we couldn’t just say, “Let’s go rehearse.” For us we had like four days to rehearse because everyone had to book flights, so we just never got as tight as most bands should be.

You know, I've always wrote my best stuff when it takes me hardly any time at all. Actually I wrote…..this is actually a really funny story…'Ghost Of Vincent Price', I've been wanting to write a song about Vincent Price coz he's one of my favorite characters of all time.

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