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Well, I did not want this album to be a collector's series album, definitely have to enter the new market with new fans. There will be at least 4 songs that is on the market already. I am gonna have a song with with Elephant Man name "Crazy Feeling", and featuring my group Entourage*'s Demo Delgado . And there will be at least 10 new songs that the world has never heard before.

Wayne Wonder is so caught up doing Entourage project and doing his solo career, I cannot put any energy into other things right now. I brought Buju on stage in 91 and used to travel around with him to all over the place. I played my part with Buju.

Well, Japanese fans braced me since 1991 that was my first time I have been to Japan. So I know that Japanese fans has supported me over the years. So it just a lot of love and Wayne Wonder will release more music, more music and more music!

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