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When I was a kid, the first thing that I really liked was a band called Slade. That kind of glam rock stuff, because I think I was probably about 12 for 13 years old and I probably wanted to be a football hooligan and didn't have the wherewithal to do anything about it.
Jon Langford

All that progressive rock stuff. I just couldn't stand it.
Most of my friends really liked The Who. The Who did a kind of four album rock opera, and everyone would run out and buy it. I just thought that was the most depressing thing imaginable. I really didn't like that.
I thought -- I thought, mostly, they were very pompous. And I thought most pop stars were hilarious. I mean, "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. I mean, it still cracks me up now if I hear that. I just think it's like ludicrous megalomania.
Jon Langford

I didn't actually. We had many names. We used to change the name every week in case people recognized us and wouldn't come again because we were so awful when we started. But, I don't know, I think it was that weekend with the Waco thing going on, and I went away and somebody had to do a poster.
And I think that was the first time we played a gig that was actually any good. The Waco Brothers was kind of a sick name at the time, but I think the meaning as dissolved a little bit now.
Jon Langford (about band name)

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