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Oh, God, I don't know. See, we wrote this album before we got signed and we never planned on getting signed. It just kind of happened. So we weren't writing songs for the radio.
Jason Stollsteimer

We're a live band. I don't have any say in that, and I wouldn't want to either. That's not my job; I'm not a businessman. None of us have any idea of what people like.
Jason Stollsteimer

Yeah I got married. I went to go buy a ring and I ended up not buying it because it was just kind of a depressing scene. So I just waited until I saved up some money and then bought a ring.
Jason Stollsteimer

I went to a pawn shop that was basically next door to where I lived in Detroit and I asked to see some rings. They brought out this shoe box type thing full of rings and I asked the guy, “Are these wedding rings?” He goes, “Yeah, they're all wedding rings or engagement rings.” So I go, “So, you're telling me these are all like broken off engagements or marriages or relationships.” He said, “Yeah, every single time, it's someone coming in here crying.” So I thought that it was a bad way to start off a marriage.
Jason Stollsteimer

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