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I grew up in northeastern Indiana, and then the folks moved us to AZ in '85. I finished school, went to college and now spend each day balancing my career and being a single Mom of 11 (1 dog, 6 cats, 2 horses, and 2 goldfish). Work keeps me in the suburbia of the ‘big city’, but I would like to think I still keep my Midwestern upbringing, roots and values close to my heart. I'm a country, Redneck Girl with a city twist.

I'm a multi-faceted girl, and it depends completely on my mood at the time! I can go from the adrenaline of sports (tennis, basketball, ice-skating) to the more quiet and domestic traits of reading, scrap-booking, drawing and stitching. Although for most of my downtime right now, I either read, watch a movie or spend time catching up and chatting with friends on the computer.

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