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I started as a dancer, then I learned how to write some songs, started playing in rock 'n' roll bands, and just continued from there. I got a record deal because I was playing out and someone saw me.

Yes. I'm very thankful that the street team is out there working as hard. I think it's cool. It gets them in touch with each other. It's a different way of doing it. Thank you.

I do my own hair or I have this woman in L.A. who sometimes does it, Patti. Or this woman in New York, Mary Jones. And generally they fix whatever bad hair mistakes I made. I do get problems from all sorts of people because of the hair.

I go to movies a lot. I read. I collect things, coats. Vintage coats. I always go to thrift stores. I have a very big rare disco collection.

I have fantasies of doing duets with a lot of people. I think it might be neat to do a duet with Kid Rock. Something unexpected.

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