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Trance resembles certain aspects of Sombre Romantic, but is far from a full explanation of Virgin Black’s sound. After releasing our demo, which was very much a doom-laden affair, Trance expressed other facets of Virgin Black. It possessed a little more aggression and industrial characteristics, but at the same time introduced a classical tinge. Sombre Romantic captivates all elements. Here, the full package comes together and conveys a fulfilled picture of who we are.
Samantha Escarbe

We play the music and write the words that have a simultaneous "breaking down" and "building up" effect upon us, ie. Exploring the darkest tragedies within life to bring a true sense of hope, fulfilment and sanctuary. Most people will have a similar reaction, however there are people that fail to see the diminutive light hiding in the dark. There’s a world of difference between depression and sadness, we embrace sadness because of its healing qualities.
Samantha Escarbe

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