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In the beginning, before Sean got in the band, I wrote all the music and all the lyrics. I kinda of enjoyed it because I enjoyed playing a lot. My lyrics were really, really bad! (laughs) I'm old 80's guy, I am into Savatage, Trouble and a lot of the old stuff (laughs again) pretty, pretty bad lyrics…so Sean re-wrote them and I was fine with that.
Phil Demmel

Yeah, the name Vio-lence came to us kinda…we were Death Penalty, which was a little cliché. Vio-lence was cliché as well but it is a little more, straight in your face. I think that is does describe the band to a "T". It was topical because violence is everywhere, it's on the news, it's in the movies, it's in your video games, it is everywhere. 
Phil Demmel

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