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Each of our 900 shows so far was different - maybe that's what makes the fans come back to our gigs time and again. And that they're always part of the show. Phish concerts are a communal experience. 
Page McConnell 

Every piece has its own identity which we develop by the rule 'We know no limits.' We follow the inspiration of the moment and don't worry if what we're playing is alternative, progressive or fusion rock. 
Page McConnell 

You can't force something like that. But we have encouraged our audience, because we avoid the confrontation of regular rock concerts: us up here, you down there. Instead, we're looking for interaction. 
Page McConnell 

ďThereís a place that we got to with Phish sometimes, and a place that I got to with Vida Blue, and a place Iíve gotten to with that band I have now where things are just sort of flying along. The music seems to be coming through me rather than out of me, and thatís what I go for. Thatís what I like. If I can get to that place a least once a night, Iím usually pretty happy.Ē
Page McConnell 

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