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No we didn't regret it, we were thanking the fans and just giving something back to them. It was part of our "music for the people" show, we just wanted to thank them and give them something back for their support.
(on throwing $10,000 into the crowd during one of their concerts)

No its not true at all, unfortunately rumours are spread about all sorts, we are having great fun and enjoying this and no one is leaving as long as we are having fun and we really are.

Well yes apart from Cheekah, he is pursuing a solo career and doing very well at it too! Actually he is the host on our www.vengaboys.com website, go in and take a look at it.

Yes we do, in fact once when we were on tour Denise and Kim logged on to the chatroom and said who they were and everyone was going like "oh yeah, right sure you are" It was great fun. We do like the website as we can let the fans know everything through there

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