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It depends on which one of us writes the song. I mostly write my songs all the way through for all the instruments and then I present it to the other guys. I write almost all the lyrics. Dana is the riffmaster. When he has a song, he's got like 5 or 6 riffs, which we put together. Maybe I add another riff and then I put a vocal melody on it, and a lyric. Or Anden writes a riff, and then we play it instrumentally for half a year, until he comes up with a lyric, because he's very lazy about that.

The goal is writing better songs all the time and playing them better. Of course, when we are satisfied with a song, it would be better if more people hear it. That's also a goal, but we're not out to make money or anything, you know.

No, all of us have other jobs. And the guy that runs the studio, our ex-drummer, was busy with other bands and jobs, so we only had like a couple of days here and there, sick-days and weekends, to be in the studio. That's why it took us so long.

A guy that worked at our old label, Gift Of Life, started working for Renate when Gift… was having difficulties. Now he's at People Like You. And we'd played with Slup, who was on the label and liked it. And obviously because they seemed to genuinely like us. First we just thought about doing the 10" for them, because it's a pretty small label, but they were very nice to us and we trusted them, so we stuck with them for a while.

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