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There is always the fear of people not liking what you are doing at the moment, maybe preferring something older, or something they are more familiar with. I am trying to think of something specific to us as a band. But I guess we have just the normal fears that bands have. Like playing with bands that make you look bad (laughs), but is always really fun to play with really great bands that make you look bad too. I guess just probably the usual stuff. As far as our band is concerned just, we try to stay concisions about doing different things every time we make a record, if that makes sense? Well maybe my biggest fear for this band is we have been touring with the same record for two years. And we havenít done too much since then. The fear I have just with the last year of touring is I hope that people arenít sick of hearing our songs, the same songs. But we squeeze a couple new ones in there. I mean, I think we just have the normal fears bands have. 
Josh Staples

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