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Van Dyke Parks Quotes

Yes -- smoking is good. Smoking is very helpful. But it's deadly, so today is my second day without smoking. I stopped smoking on Sunday, having smoked for years. 
Van Dyke Parks

I think that smoking is a very good thing to do -- it's got the association with the Indians; it's a peaceable thing. But like much else that the Indians gave us, we abused the privilege. And so, in my case I must simply stop. I'm too old to smoke. But I do believe that nicotine provides a great creative thrust….
Van Dyke Parks

To make a collaboration succeed there can be no visible contusions or abrasions. For the collaboration to succeed, the relationship must be nourished and survive. That is absolutely essential for a collaboration to succeed.
Van Dyke Parks

[There's] that famous line of Ted Turner's, "It only looks easy." I think that's a very big misconception, because the song is not the singer. The song is only the residue of a great desire. Song is like looking at something that says "Kilroy was here." It's just the residue of a great big story, of a realization, and all that concomitant personal sacrifice.
Van Dyke Parks

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