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Actually, the fun part was not knowing what the heck I was going to be doing. The sounds were all new to me during the creating process. Since I was doing all of it myself, I had to decide where I wanted to go with the songs, how to proceed with the chords, if the sound was alright, and all that detail on my own. All I could do was ask myself each of these questions, and proceed only if I could give my self an OK.

Yeah. So sometimes I came up with things I never knew I could make, or I'd be like, "what? I could even sing songs like this" "What the? What's this sound!!" and a lot of times I was just in amazement myself (laughs).

The thing is, in English I'm able to write the lyrics as I'm making the song, once I'm done with the melody. There were times when I fixed parts where I was just singing off-handedly or I had trouble with the second chorus, but for the most part I was unexpectedly able to write the key lyrics once the melody was complete.

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