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I was raised in Miami, Fla., by a musical family (my father was in the '50s Latin orchestra Los Chavles de España), I cut his teeth as a drummer in a number of local Brit-pop and new-wave bands, all the while building an eclectic record collection.
Ursula 1000

“I still like the idea of sampling, When you sample a '50s record, not only are you getting these great hits and stuff, but you're also getting a different era of productions. I tried to re-create that kind of effect. Sometimes I'll run the audio through an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man pedal to get that gritty noise, or maybe I'll sample myself playing and re-import it into the computer to get some of that 16-bit feel.”
Ursula 1000

“And I just wanted to bring more of this into my production, to show people kind of what I'm about.”
Ursula 1000

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