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I don’t have a procedure! It is always a different approach, but I don’t have a specific method. I am very spontaneous. At least most of the times. I have to say, though, that when I am producing an album I use a very specific method, even when I record a song, I do it in a certain way. But when I write a song, I try to be as spontaneous as possible.
Uli Jon Roth

It came out in some samples. The truth is that it wasn't totally finished and I want to release music only when it is 100% finished. The problem is that it is common to get involved in a project for years and then another thing gets in the way and on and on. I was telling you in the beginning of this interview for my next project, “Requiem for an angel”. I started working on it in 1997 and now it is 2004! You see what I mean?
Uli Jon Roth

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