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Ulf Wakenius Quotes

"I got a little idea then, the last fifteen years Keith was only playing standards, so I thought he has so much beautiful tunes and I wanted to put a focus on those tunes again, make the younger generation experience those tunes, discover them. So that's how it started. Also I thought it could be nice to see if you have a great sound on the guitar how it comes out when you minimize or cut it down, because he's so fantastic as a piano player, so you have to think less is more, so to speak, and find the important notes. We recorded at this beautiful studio Rainbow Studios in Oslo,Norway with the technician/engineer that recorded a lot of the classic albums of Keith. I got a fantastic sound, the best sound I have had in my whole life as a musician, so I'm really happy with the outcome. Definitely my best so far." 
Ulf Wakenius

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