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Let's say we, when we started thinking about which songs we wanna put on this live album of course there were a lot of songs that we had in our mind. Then we were also doing a voting on our homepage, but we said ok, please, don't vote for 'Balls to the Wall', or 'Metal Heart', or 'Princess of the Dawn', or 'Fast as a Shark' and all this stuff, and the reason why we don't wanna do these songs is, I mean, Accept was recording these songs already three times. And we knew, especially Stefan and me, that a lot of people, when we started thinking which Accept songs we can put on this album, that Accept never was recording songs off the 'Russian Roulette' album live, or let's say 'Winter Dreams' from the 'Balls to the Wall' album, some different songs, you know. And so the voting was in a way very near to the songs, that we were thinking to put on the live album.

Let's say more romantic. I'm a very quiet person in private life and let's say in a way I am completely different from the kind of music that we're doing. In a way inside I'm two persons.

In 1986, a lot of people surrounded the band and gave us their “advice� of becoming more commercial and all that stuff. They said that we should break into the American market. A lot of business things happened and the other guys started to listen to those people, instead of listening to their hearts. Then they released a very commercially album with an American singer (Eat the heat, 1987). I started working on my first solo album, “Animal house�, and the funny thing was that we were working in the same studio (laughs)! And when I saw their faces, it was weird because we had been together for a long time and I think they were realizing at that point that they shouldn't be so commercial. Even then they were saying that they went so far away from the Accept sound and that was a big mistake. Then their album came out, they went on tour for 6 weeks and that was it! I released 4 albums with U.D.O. and in between “Staying a life� came out. At that point, people were coming and asking us if we would re-unite. I agreed, but first I wanted to listen to the songs. They said O.K. and “Objection overruled� was released, it was a very good Accept album. But then we couldn't find a second guitar player and Wof (Hoffman) said that we should stick with one guitar and be more modern in our sound. Then Stefan Kaufmann couldn't play the drums anymore and Wolf didn't want a second guitar player. I suggested that we should put Stefan on the second guitar slot and find a new drummer. But Wolf said no, again! After “Predator�, we all knew that something was missing. The spirit was gone and that didn't work anymore. So I said, before we destroy the name of Accept, let’s do another tour and call it quits.

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