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Tyson Ritter Quotes

“I like that people feel like they can trust their own secrets with our band. It's kind of cool. Not only is it an outlet for them to escape to when they listen to the record, it's also some place they can go to. I think it helps to connect to the band more.”

“We're always searching for the right hook. It never gets too complicated with us. It's checkers, not chess.”

"I started when I was 12 and Nick picked up a guitar when he was seven. Honestly, I think the further along you'll get if you get started at a younger age. I mean there are people who are writing pop-punk songs and they're 23, you can ask any of them how long they've been playing the guitar and they'll probably all say five years."

"The band kind of downsized to the two of us after three years,"

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